Zinc wall cladding

We would recommend zinc for wall cladding, if you care about after:

  • durability
  • flexibility
  • green credentials
  • value for money
  • great effect.

Zinc can be shaped into panels that create a smart interlocking systems. Each panel is ready made and delivered to you ready to be installed. There are many options available, usually fixed to the frame of the building by concealed mechanical fixings. So they are ideal for designs requiring a crisp, clean finish. However, those systems are usually best for large area level, vertical walls.


Having said that, zinc can be formed to fit pitches of up to 90 degrees; it is a relatively thin and lightweight material (0.7mm on average, depending on client’s requirements) and can be adapted to cover even unusual shapes and challenging angles. Feel free to call us on advice on how to choose the right system for your development 07538586996 or 07787810759.

The benefits of zinc wall cladding

It is quite a comfortable material to work with – it can be embossed, bent, even perforated or extra strong and textured in order to support your design. Due to its characteristics, it is often used indoors, as it integrates well with Galvanized Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel even lead and pine, spruce or poplar and pv panels.

Exposed to the elements it will acquire a light grey patina, which usually appears after 6 months, subject to conditions. This is a welcome phenomenon as it is a natural form of protection and reduces the corrosion rate. If you are using zinc indoors, you can easily restore its bright finish cleaning the surface with a mild detergent or vinegar solution. This is probably one of the reasons behind growing popularity of zinc as an alternative material for kitchen splashbacks, worktops and even cabinets.

Zinc cladding have recently gained on popularity and is nowadays often seen in modern restaurants, studio apartments and penthouses as it adds contemporary, even industrial twist to the project, especially when featured as part of the interior design.


roofing-services-contactFind out if zinc wall cladding is the best solution for your project. Contact us on 07538586996 or 07787810759 or send us an email to talk about your requirements and available options.


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