Zinc roof extensions

When adding a zinc roof extension to your home you need to make it work with the existing dimensions of the building. Often, due to the height of the upstairs having a shallow pitched roof is the best option. In those cases, most architects will suggest a zinc roof.

There are tiles available that will be suitable for roofs as low as 12.5 degrees, however zinc can be used for designs as shallow as 3 degrees. This way you can create a deeper extension and enjoy more space – without obstructing the view from the upstairs windows. This is a natural, durable and extremely flexible material available in an array of choices to fit the architectural style of your home.


Covering your extension with a zinc roof has several advantages to covering it with glass:

  • it adds more value to the house
  • it’s an exceptionally durable solution, zinc typically lasts more than 100 years
  • quick to install with low maintenance requirements, as it’s resistant to corrosions ans with time zinc develops a self-protecting patina
  • environmentally friendly – fully recyclable with 95% recycling rate


Why zinc roof extensions?

Glass roofs can make extensions very hot in the summer and quite cold in winter. Having a zinc roof extension can give you a little more shade and added insulation and improves the temperature distribution and humidity control within the area. But, if you do not want to compromise on the amount of light, we can always discuss installing a skylight.

There are many options available – if you want, we can source a large corrugated sheet for you, but there is an array of finishes, patterns and colours available. You can choose a shiny metallic or a matt finish, effect close to the patina, colour coated with natural grainy texture – and more.

Contact us for available options. For example, pre-weathered zinc gives a you a charcoal finish; however, the grey option seems to be the most popular choice.

Zinc has been used as a material for covering roofs for over 150 years. Today it is still used with great success as it works well with wood, concrete or stone. This makes it a perfect material for both modern and traditional buildings – for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

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