Metal roofing

Metal is quick to install and easy to maintain

Lightweight and available in a variety of widths this material is capable of fulfilling the requirements of even the most daring designers and architects. This quality makes it a perfect choice for garages, workshops, barns and warehouses – especially a large scale projects with challenging deadlines when a compromise on quality is not an option.


Metal roofing is design-friendly

Be it a new innovative construction or a challenging renovation, it can be moulded to fit any shape. It makes it a very versatile material that can be shaped to fit both modern and traditional styles, from a funky urban construction to a traditional country farmhouse.

Metal is perfect for low-pitched roofs

If you encounter surfaces where the use of old-style shingles is not appropriate, metal roofing will do nicely. It’s lighter in weight, can be shaped to your liking and gives you the choice of various colourful finishes.

Metal reflects light

If you are considering converting your loft into an additional bedroom or a home office, think about re-roofing your home. Metall roof will help manage the temperature of the house, as it helps reduce the heat build-up in the loft.

Metal for a dramatic effect or to fit in

Due to its flexibility and a variety of finishes, it gives you an opportunity to create a truly stunning finish for your home. A timeless, contemporary effect that can become THE feature making your home truly unique. At the same time it can be shaped to resemble other roofs in your neighbourhood. Talk to your architect about possible variations and call us on 07538586996 or 07787810759 to discuss available options.

Consider advantages of metal roofing:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Malleable to fit both conservative and daring designs
  • Variety of colours available to compliment urban and rural landscapes

For a solution that can last a lifetime and look as good fifty years down the line as it does on the day of installation – choose metal roofing.

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