Aluminium roofing

Aluminium offers quality that lasts

Aluminium roofing – this type of roof can be covered with a special protection improving its resistance against fading and significantly improving its durability. It does not burn or twist and is very resistant to corrosion, which is something to think about if your home is by the sea! In addition, some manufacturers offer materials with a Class 4 hail-resistance rating – these are guaranteed to withstand 120-mph winds.

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Aluminium roofing is energy-efficient

It is said metal roofs absorb 34% less heat than asphalt shingles, which helps save money on air-conditioning bills. In addition, it’s fully recyclable (can be resmelted and reproduced while retaining its qualities) and this makes it quite environmentally friendly. Not to mention, it is lightweight, which makes it quick to work with and significantly reduces installation time – as well as cost. Still, it has a very high strength-to-weight ratio, so it is considered a premium material.

Aluminium can be moulded to fit your design

If you are after this modern material, but would like to achieve a more traditional look, aluminium panels can be shaped to imitate shingles, tiles and slate. In addition, it can be covered with a variety of colours and the palette is constantly growing – some finishes even are even created to resemble wood!

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Aluminium can be really quiet

Noise was one of the main concerns of our clients, when we discussed aluminium roofs as one of the options for their project. Luckily, this is an issue of the past as new systems offer solutions absorbing sounds of wind and raindrops. With this modern system, you will no longer be able to hear the weather.


  • Long-lasting quality
  • Sustainable and energy-efficient
  • Versatile in terms of finishes
  • Helps reduce noise


If you are after a metal roof that looks like everything but metal – aluminium roofing is the right choice for you.

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